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SICAV Growth is an investment package that allows you to invest on variable-income securities (shares).


  • Commodity: SICAV Growth allows you to benefit from opportunities in share markets with having to worry about share management.
  • Liquidity: Following a simple order placed at the counter before 3 P.M. in full-time work schedule and 11 A.M. in part-time work schedule, your account will be funded with the redemption proceeds of your shares on the same day based on that day’s value.  
  • Tax system: advantageous.
  • Gratuity: No fees (entrance or exit fees) will be charged on your subscription operations or redemption of shares SICAV Growth.

Who could benefit from it?

Any physical person or company who holds a checking or deposit account at Banque de Tunisie.

Investment period

The minimum recommended period is mid-term (more than 2 years).


You should subscribe and redeem shares at your Banque de Tunisie branch at an unknown liquidating value calculated on the basis of average rate of daily trading hours.

The daily liquidating value of SICAV Growth can increase or decrease according to the portfolio composition of the SICAV and stock market situation.


Through annual dividends and possibly achieved gains.

Tax system

Gains are tax-exempt but should be reported according to ordinary tax regime.
Gains are tax-exempt for physical person and subject to corporate taxes for companies.
They should be reported according to ordinary tax regime.
For more details, Please consult your advisor at your
Banque de Tunisie branch.

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