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You are a Tunisian living abroad and you expect your bank in Tunisia to offer you ts products and services simple, practical and economical?

Discover the "Aziz fi bledi" pack to manage your money safely and with exceptional tariff advantages.


Products and Services Pack:

The «Aziz fi bledi» pack is a comprehensive offering of products and services consisting of:

·A foreign currency account

·An account in convertible dinars

·A savings account in dinars

·Two international bank cards(*)

·A BTNET access.


(*) attached to your currency accounts and in convertible dinars.


Exclusive benefits:

By subscribing to the "Aziz fi bledi"pack you get the following benefits:

·A saving of 30% off the standard rate of Pack products and services

·Free transfer of health costs received from abroad

·Free oftransfers charges between accounts

·Free withdrawals initiated by all your cards on the BT network

·Remote access and security for monitoring and managing your accounts via BTNET.

·Financing your investments in Tunisia on privilege conditions.


By choosing the "Aziz fi bledi"pack, you benefit from an economic billing including:

·The account maintenance fee

·Contributions to VISA or MasterCard

·Subscription to BTNET

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to the "AZIZ FI BLEDI"Pack, simply fill in an application form:

·at Banque de Tunisie Branch of your choice

·Or remotely from your home country

·through our BTNET website.

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