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Conventional savings is the best option as it offers you a secure, profitable and available saving.

What if you had children? Would you like to ensure a better life? It is quite reasonable.

One day, they will get their driving license, will continue education, will buy their first car… Prepare yourself from now to make these dreams possible !

You can open a Conventional savings account on their behalf since their birth. This account will be financed by regular or occasional payments. Deposited money will be available at any time.

Period of saving: unlimited


  • Free payment and withdrawal
  • The minimum account balance is 5 TND.

Tax system

Generated interests in your account are subject to withholding tax at a rate of 20%.


·         Flexibility: You are free to withdraw money whenever you want.

·         Profitability: Your savings will be remunerated during the period of savings formulation with savings remuneration rates.

·         Affordability: You can benefit from this credit whenever it is needed.

  • Security: capital guaranteed. 

For more details, Please consult your advisor at your Banque de Tunisie branch.

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