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With Banque de Tunisie, you will not have a problem to fund your children’s education. Our education line of credit allows you to save money at your own pace to ensure your children’s future with peace of mind.


The Future Education savings plan is designed to fund higher education of your children.

The Future Education savings plan gives you the possibility to save money during primary and middle school to fund their higher education.

You are free to fix the amount of your payments, thus you can build up a capital to fund your children’s’ higher education.

This plan is broken down into two steps:

Savings step

  • You can save money over a period between 3 to 13 years.
  • You can reach 5000 TND per child.
  • Your monthly payments start from the minimum amount of 10 TND

Credit step

In addition to your capital, the Future Education savings plan allows you to benefit from a credit* with preferential rate:

  • The amount of the credit could reach twice the saved amount.
  • The credit will be granted in the form of scholarship.

What are its advantages?

The payment of the Future Education savings plan is higher that the payment of classical saving and is also tax-exempt.

You can benefit from a credit with preferential rate in case your payments are regular.




You can transfer your Future Education savings plan from a child to another one.

You child will have the right to get a free credit card during his university education and withdraw money or make purchases.

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