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Cheque is a widespread classical means of payment, which enables you to settle your purchases.

It is valid when it includes the following mandatory details:

  •       Name of beneficiary
  •         indication of the amount in numbers and letters
  •         Location and date of issue as well as holder’s signature

In addition, in case you want to cash a cheque, you should endorse it (sign it on the back) and indicate your account number as well to avoid any processing errors.

  •       Your signature should correspond to the one deposited at the bank. Please inform your bank in case of change.
  •       Please be advised that the period of validity of a cheque is three years and seven days.


How to proceed in case your cheque book is lost or stolen?

In case of loss or theft of your cheque book or fraudulent use of one of your cheques, you should immediately:

  •       Report the loss or theft to a police station.
  •      Advise your branch by phone and place a stop payment specifying the number of lost or stolen cheques. 

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