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Assimilated treasury bill (BTA) are securities issued by the State by tender


·          Nominal: 1000 dinars (unit cost of each note)

·          Duration: 2 years and up

·          Interest rate: fixed, interest is payable annually in arrears.

·          Refund: treasury bill are repaid in full on maturity.

Who can benefit?

·          Any individual or legal resident in Tunisia.

·          non-residents Foreigners up to a regulated limit.

Terms of subscription:

·          Amount to subscribe = multiples of 1000 dinars.

·          Interest is paid annually in arrears.

·          The BTA are quoted in percentage of the face value.

·          Tax system: withholding of 20% of accrued interest on the holding period of the securities. Non-resident aliens are exempt from tax.


Security: The BTA offers, by the quality of the issuer (the state), a safe investment in the medium and long term.



·          The BTA offers a better rate of return

·          Yield to maturity known when subscribing (subject to keeping the BTA to maturity).


·          The BTA is negotiable at any time from our retail outlets.

·          The BTA is available at any time by trading on the market.


The purchasing of a BTA is done through your Banque de Tunisie branch


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