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These are vouchers issued by BT for the placement of funds for a period ranging from 3 months to 5 years. You can take your cash receipt in dinars or in convertibles dinars.


Any individual person


At subscription: issuance of one or more vouchers for the given amount (the amount of the cash vouchers are in multiples of 1000 DT).

At maturity: The reimbursement of vouchers, on presentation of the latter with the BT.


Your interests is calculated based on an advanced rate fixed rate depending on the term of your investment, and served either on subscription or at maturity.

Tax system

The interests of your cash vouchers are subject to withholding tax (RS) whose current rate is 20%.

Interest on convertible Dinars is tax exempt.


·          Profitability: safe performance..

·          Total security of your investment.

·          Availability of funds in the form of advance.

·          Renewal of the Certificates upon written request.


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